Laurel Hill Baptist Church
Monday, September 01, 2014
Don't Go to Church -- Be the Church

Pastor's Welcome

Dear Friends,


Thank you for stopping by the web site for Laurel Hill Baptist Church in Verona, Virginia. I hope the information you find here makes you want to visit us.

I have the pleasure and privilege of serving as Laurel Hill’s interim pastor. Don’t let that word “interim” scare you off. While the congregation is between permanent pastors, they are not taking a vacation from ministry. Because the church’s last pastor had served here for more than 14 years, the congregation made the wise decision to engage in a process called “intentional interim ministry” during this transition time. In this intentional interim process, the church engages in a period of spiritual discernment seeking to understand what kind of church God is leading it to be before the actual search for the next pastor begins. Laurel Hill is the fourth church I have served as an intentional interim.

The bottom line is that this is an exciting time to be a part of Laurel Hill. It’s a time of exploration and discovery. I hope you will want to visit with us as we continue on this journey of seeking to be God’s church in this community.


Grace and peace,

Wellford Tiller

Intentional Interim Pastor